• Wohnsiedlung Herdernstrasse

  • Zürich, Switzerland

Domesticated Monumentality : the expression of a building which houses the qualities of urban living in a large-scale context and the ones of the suburban family house. The building retains flexibility in the interpretation on whether it hosts commercial activities, offices or apartments. It includes 45 apartments, shops and a kindergarten. The design offers a balance of private retreat, semi-public meeting and exposure to the public. On the ground floor, two entrances lead the residents from the street to the courtyard, where communal areas are situated: laundries and drying rooms, bicycle storage and shared kitchenettes. Wintergardens encased by floor-to-ceiling glass panels provide each apartment a private outdoor space.

  • Wohsiedlung Herdernstrasse Zürich Wettbewerb

  • Competition promoter: Stadt Zürich

  • Architecture: Giacomo Ortalli, Gaëlle Verrier, Giovanni Petrolito, Filippo Rudelli

  • Structural engineer: Thomas Ekwall Tragwerksplaner

  • Environmental engineer: Luca Pietro Gattoni