• Kaserne Basel Umbau und Sanierung

  • Basel, Switzerland

The intervention strengthens the building's figure and creates new pedestrian passages that connect the courtyard to the river side. The public space along the banks of the Rhine is framed by terraced steps down to the water along the same length of the building. The design improves the resistance of the existing masonry by increasing the vertical stresses on the longitudinal walls through the suspension of new concrete slabs hanging from a roof structure purposely designed. The intervention allows to maintain the essence of the building, as the entire envelope is untouched, yet providing adequate safety in the event of an earthquake. This solution allows to limit the expensive intervention on the foundation and to remove all existing secondary reinforcements, thus obtaining a higher degree of flexibility.

  • Kaserne Basel Umbau und Sanierung des Hauptbaus für ein zeitgenössisches Kreativzentrum

  • Competition promoter: Stadt Basel

  • Project team: Giacomo Ortalli, Gaëlle Verrier, Giovanni Petrolito, Filippo Rudelli

  • Structural engineer: Mario Monotti Ingegneri Consulenti SA

  • Environmental engineer: Luca Pietro Gattoni

  • Sismic engineer: P&P Consulting Engineers