• Trasformazione delle aree centrali di Erba

  • Erba, Italy

  • competition 1st prize

Erba is a town situated at the border between the territory of Lake Como and the productive platform Brianza connected to Milan. After the disposal of the industrial complex hosting the production of Candy appliances, the center of the town is not accessible anymore. The masterplan provides a major public space, surrounded by different building types. The ground floor is dedicated to pedestrian circulation and it is designed to offer different urban situations: squares, gardens, places to rest and play. The project focuses on the relation between the existing and the new and seeks a straightforward relationship with the heritage of the industrial buildings. The factory complex is part of the city’s history and identity, and has the potential to assimilate new life. Its robust architectural structures and the variety of section types offer possibilities for new uses.


  • Competition promoter: Municipality of Erba and private investors
  • Project team: Ortalli Verrier, Virginia Ortalli, Studio Wok
  • Environmental engineer: Luca Pietro Gattoni
  • Agronomy: Stefano Rigamonti
  • Calculations: Luca Arnaboldi
  • Project website: www.binarioverde.tumblr.com