• The Parallel Pavillons

  • proposal for the Swiss pavillon at the Venice Architecture Biennale

  • in collaboration with Yony Santos, Damien Greder, Francelle Cane

Swiss architecture is well known for its quality work with physical matter. Less for its innovative research on numerical realities. As our relation to spaces and places is currently changing, how does digitalisation, immersion or gamification impacts swiss architecture, spaces & public life? THE PARALLEL PAVILIONS wants to face this controversial issue by digitalizing and exporting the Venice Swiss Pavilion throughout the Swiss territory: at the heart of the swiss public houses of architecture. On the one hand, by exporting the virtual model of the Giardini pavilion in Switzerland, the architecture centers allow us to tackle this public matter on a national scale by taking advantage of their diversity, their locations and the plurality of their approaches to the discipline. On the other hand, the exhibition in Venice physically shows and make visible the diversity of architecture institutions in Giacometti’s pavilion. As a public event, the Venice Biennale represents a catalyst for social cohesion. The proposal aims to offer to visitors a new position : from a passive one to a pro-active behavior, blurring the boundaries between ction and reality. Nevertheless, while architecture centers are a medium to talk about this critical issues, they also present themselves as an opportunity to explore a new format of exhibition based on a contemporary Swiss reality.